[handycope] Fast&reliable sperm check Analysis MICROSCOPE & SLIDE WARMER kit Livestock AI Artificial Insemination


This equipment will adjust the temperature of the semen to its optimal level in just a few minutes, anywhere, anytime,

before your artificial insemination (A.I.).

-Very easy to use and carry! (Only 45g weight)


-Fast heating time! (Less than 5minutes)

-Optimal temperature for test! (37℃±2℃ / 98.6℉±3.6℉)

-Multiple times using! (USB rechargeable battery)

-Safe to use! (CE mark acquired)


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New Infant Baby Safe 100% Cotton Tip Swab Stick Ball chitosan 200pcs


Brand new it’s so safe for baby thanks to sanitation treatment with natural material(chitosan). mild stimulation bacause of made with soft 100% cotton. balls are designed to be easy and fine. so it’s easy to clean eye,nose,ear,navel. stick made from paper is bent easily. so it makes rarely baby’s skin damaged.


Specification •Material: stick : Paper/ balls : 100% Cotton

•package included : 1 X 200pcs


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[Mymi Wonder Sauna Suit]Slim Sauna Suit for Body weight loss / bath suit

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Just 10 Minutes, 30Km Jogging Effect!!
once wear it and have a sauna,
the sweat and wastes come out a lot!!

Not tearing easily.
Not stretching easily.
NO heavy metal

How to use.
1.fill the tub by two-thirds (about 38-42℃).
2.wear it feetfirst to chest.
3.get into the tub slowly gripping a rack.
4.how much sweat coming out depends on user.
5.after use it, please wash your body.
6.after then, take a rest and drink water enough.

1.Don’t use it above 15-20 minutes.
2.in case of those who is pregnant woman and have a period,
Don’t use it.
3.Beware of skidding.(don’t walk)
4.after use it, wash inside it and Store it in a dry place.
5.when you feel rash or itchy or vertigo during using it, Stop using it.
6.in case of hypertensive and other surgical patients, use it after contact with doctor.
7.prevent it from sharp things such as knife or scissors.


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orthopedic cervical spine collar neck pain shoulder discomfort Support aid pillow


good cervical vertebrae is bow in shape and
in charge of reducing stress of pressure
thanks to dispersing weight of head effectively
& keeping moving ofcervicaI vertebrae freely.

in case of unusual cervical spinal curvature,
it causes NECK PAIN such as forward head posture.

use it for 5-15 minutes a day!!

-it makes cervical spine have good shape and angle
And supports for cervical spine perfectly.
-it’s aid not apparatus – prevents neck or shoulder pains.
-it creats magnetic field with magnet.
-antibiotic high elasticity sponge cushion.

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Universal Extensible Car Mount Clip Crab Suction Holder


 Compatible with:  Most of the Mobile & Gps Sat nav cup tumbler, Please check measurements
 Package Include:   1 x Car Universal Mount Holder (model : easygrab)

 Opens up to 135mm(55mm-135mm/2-5.9 inch). Please check the measurements of your device before purchase.
  360 degree rotation support holder.
  Left & left rotation support holder.
 patent gel pad
 convenience –
  Don’t need to detach smartphone case.
   installing smartphone & adjusting the tension by one hand.
   install this holder with one touch lever(double structure)
safety –
 patent gel pad –
it make it be applied to any glass, desk, dashboard
Also, Once dry after clean dust in the running water,
keep using semipermanently as first adsorptive power condition.

nonslip EVA foam –
 whole cover side of holder made with nonslip EVA foam.
 so it prevents from slip situation when a sudden shock.

3M aid suction plate-
it make it be applied to any arched-back.

underside pad

adjusting the screw conveniently when you find a loose holder some day


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