beauty quick


The German research patent, modern comfort, painless hair removal.

Cooperate with swirling by the mean of brisk rotation on the skin, hair instantly and gently be pulled out, no pain.

Can even eliminate the aging skin cutin, skins become smooth, silky and charming.

Beauty Quick can remove different parts of the body excess hair, such as hand, foot, underarm, chest, labial part, bikini part, etc,

 for both men and women.



this product’s effect depends on
each user (skin condition, product usage environment)

The more you use it, the more it is effective.

scrubbing quickly is good. but never use it for a long time.
And don’t rub lightly. it will be less effective.
Also don’t share it with other people. because of hygiene.

-brand story

Klotz company located in Germany released product named as Beauty quick in 2008
after trial and error for 8 years.
after then, it was sold amounted to more 8,000 thousand items in USA and CANADA.
also klotz company released advanced beauty quick with CASADA company.

CASADA KOREA company released Beauty quick special edition (this product) in 2012



1. rubbing after putting sheet on pad.

2. easy use

3. No stimulation to skin without any chemical materials

4. you can use 1 sheet for about 2 weeks-1 month.
   it’s possible to reuse after wash it.


it is new concept way to revise exist ways (waxing, shaving cream)
shaving using crystal paper of micro size.
it produces friction
as hair cuticle part of hair is hung on particles of revolving micro crystal.
so, it cuts anagen and catagen hairs. And it cuts advanced catagen and Telogen hairs.

Q. is it possible that thick hair starts growing?

until getting Hair growth cycle again, it keeps this condition (pulled hair).
if you use it for a long time, you could find less number to shave.
because hairs to enter a rest phase is increased.
Also, the more use it, the more hair root is off.
so shaving cycle is increased.


Get “Very good grade” in SGT TEST !!

-How to use
Before use it check whether skin condition is dried or not.
put sheet on pad.

rubbing widely clockwise rotation or anticlockwise pressing hard.

after use it, dust remained white dead skin cells and complete with lotion.
wash pad with running water and dry it.


apply it to skin without moist.

acquaint with how to use.
first of all, apply it to leg part.
also Don’t apply it for a long time.
please apply it in a circle. not above and below and from side to side.

Don’t apply it to sensitive part, mustache and hair of head.

be careful in case of those who have injury, eczema, skin disease, diabetes.

in case of redness of skin and sustained pain, stop using it and contact with doctor.


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