pore jelly pop (Blackhead, Sebum Remover)

No stimulation Blackhead Remover
with 13 plants ingredients & jelly type brush(volume : 60ml)

you can use it everyday.
amazing effects by 1 time use.
pore care with 13 plants ingredients.
it made with plants essense ingredients & jelly type brush.
so blackhead can be removed effectively.

-Invisible Science
1. when “silicone jelly spike” is moved, vibration and frictional heat occur.
at that time, it makes a gap between blackhead,sebum and pore and it lets essential oil into there.
essential oil makes solidified blackhead,sebum melted.
it get blackhead,sebum out during massage for 1-2 minutes.
2. part of brush cock
– essential oil in container is released through that part.
it prevents essential oil in container from pollutants because of locking device structure.

3. jelly type spike brush made with special silicone.
– detachable function.
– it can be used semipermanently.
– hypoallergenic jelly type spike brush

4. it get blackhead,sebum out during massage for 1-2 minutes.

5. essential oil
– it made with 13 plants ingredients.
– pore tightening effects
– you can feel fresh using it.
-you should know these.
the key to remove blackhead is no stimulation.
don’t use hand,stick. otherwise it makes pore bigger and causes damaged skin.
when you use nose pack, you should use other pack to tighten pores as well.
so it’s important to remove blackhead without damaged skin & making pore bigger.
choose this product!!

-how to use
– you don’t need to use a large amount. please use a small amount.
1. open the cap and detach a sticker.
2. turn part of brush to “open”. push the container.
3. massage for 1-2 minutes smoothly.
4. after that, wash there. turn part of brush to “close”

-most ingredients

papaya extract, pepper tree extract, “budoc”root extract, sage extract,
peppermint extract,  needle juniper extract, jasmine oil, rose oil, lemon oil,
mistletoe extract, witch hazel water, root of soapwort extract.

expiration date : after 3 years from manufacture.


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