Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent disposable liquid 10sheet

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natural ingredients Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent disposable liquid 10sheet(32ml/1sheet)

– it’s Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent(liquid)

– it treats amounted to 10kg of laundry by 1 sheet on Drum Washing Machine.
  (8kg on usual washing Machine)

– No fluorescence! No preservative! No coloring! (Including high grade natural fragrance) 

– high concentrations (3 times)/ 3 way function (sterilization, bleaching, antibacterial)


volume: 32ml (per 1 sheet)
made in south korea
-it’s biodegradable 97% with natural vegetable ingredients.
so it makes water pollution minimum.

-No fluorescence! No preservative! No coloring!

-it removes stale smelling with high grade natural fragrance.

-high bleaching and  high function of protecting color of Laundry.

-certified by kc : B072F032-2001
please use this product without pouring a lot of Detergents

Don’t worry on how much input Detergents and losing Detergents.
choose economical Detergent.

powder type Detergent makes residues.
but it is different(liquid type).
change into this product.

it shows high cleaning power and even removes ground-in stains
after it quickly passes throughout Laundry.
in winter, chances are residues of Detergent remain because of cold water.
in case of this product, it is melted in any cold water 100%.
also you can use it without worries on infant clothing and underwear
because it is made with natural vegetable ingredients.

No fluorescence brightening agent!

it is so harmful for human body.
chances are it causes atopy and dermatitis to babies.
also it causes gastroenteric trouble in case of into our body.
and chances are it causes migration.
according to a report, it cause cancer and dermatitis when contact with it frequently.

Not including substances harmful to the human body
– No petroleum-chemicals.
– No any preservative such as allergen and Phthalate, paraben.
– No chemical coloring, perfume.
– No phosphate, fluorescence brightening agent.
– No chloride bleaching agent.
– No anything else needless addition agents.

how to use

in terms of the volume of 15kg Drum Washing Machine.
Water volume: the middle of water level (below 50L).
Laundry volume: 10kg
– in case of a lot of water, it may lose its cleaning power.
– it can cover 12kg in case of laundry without ground-in stains.
in terms of the volume of 12kg usual washing Machine.
Water volume: the middle of water level (below 50L).
Laundry volume: 8kg
– in case of a lot of water, it may lose its cleaning power.
– it can cover 9kg in case of laundry without ground-in stains.

it is 3 times high concentrations as compared with other Detergents.

put it in a washing machine after tear it.


1. Don’t use it for other purpose. keep it with sealing up.
2. it doesn’t cover wool, leather, silk, etc.
   please check if Laundry’s washable or not.
3. in case of metal attached to a cloth, do something to prevent it from demaged metal.
4. use rubber gloves when hand wash. wash your hand after hand wash for a long time.
5. Don’t let baby reach for it.
6. be careful about residuals on the bottom.
7. Keep it out of hot temperatures and direct sunlight.
   keep it inside in winter.
8. wash your eyes with running water in case of it in the eye.
   contact with doctor after have a cup of water or milk in case of drinking it.
9. complete laundering within 30 minutes.
10. Never do laundering with water including a lot metal components.

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Electric Uv Fly Bug Insect Mosquito Fly Zapper Killer


Manufacture : South Korea (adaptor made in china)
Power Consumption: 6w
AC 100~240V  Free    
Voltage: DC12V/1000mA
size: 18 X 18 X 17 cm   
Safety,Energy-saving,Environment Friendly    
cosy design.    
Suit for any environment    
High quality

swallow up in a moment after luring any pest without noise

No toxic! No odor! No vibration!
New concept environment-friendly Zapper

Don’t worry on any pest sleeping
it can be used anywhere such as indoor, outdoor, cattle shed

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Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Serum


 It is high-enriched essence which gradually recovers elasticity of skin from deep skin
to surface, relieves deep and thick wrinkle as well as vestige of fine lines and
oriental herb extracts which are effective to whitening keeps your skin even more clean
and clear.
 After using toner and lotion, lessen appropriate amount
and apply as if you sponge out from inner part to outer part
on face and from bottom to top on neck following skin texture.
 <Benefits / effects>
 helps whitening skin and renovating wrinkles

what is EGF?

it makes epithelial cell grow boost.

skin regeneration
whitening, keeping moisture
wound healing


what is renovage?
this material was develop by sederma company in france.
it prevents DNA from any damage and helps good functioning.
obstacle from any damage
increasing moisture
Water, Arbutin, Vitamin E acetate, Sodium Hyaluronate,Adenosine,Licorice Extract,renovage,EGF


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