Face Massager/ Acupressure massage lifting Slim up Anti-Aging skin care

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you can make beauty skin and v-line face by delicate vibrations using it!!
9,000 – 12,000 delicate vibration per minute / up down left right side.
massage to every part of face.
made with no toxic silicone.
making vibrant skin, managing elasticity of skin, skin care.

what is Acupressure massage?

it is passing road flowing our spirit and acupuncture point.
so Acupressure massage is to be able to make this flow smooth.
And it is to remove toxin and wastes in our body
and promote metabolism and blood circulation.
Because of this, it helps to slim face up.

4 vibration Motor attached on this mask supply energies
to every part of face by 9,000 – 12,000 delicate vibration per minute
(up down left right side).
it makes vibrant skin and manages elasticity of skin.

1. 4 vibration Motor attached on this mask supply energies
to every part of face by 9,000 – 12,000 delicate vibration per minute
(up down left right side).
so it helps to absorb essense of such as mask pack after make pores open.

2. it does massage to every part of face.
so it makes vibrant skin and manages elasticity of skin.
Because of this, we can get v-line face.

3. it manages pores in face. so it makes pure skin and manages skin tone.
4. it is made with no toxic silicone.
also it is composed of double structure to make wearable better.
besides its shape is not changed.

5. it shoots an anion mixing no toxic silicone and germanium and powders of silver.
so it make our skin healthy.
how to use

1. after clean face, wear it.
(after make-up base or doing make pack..)
2. despite not fitting face, it is nothing to do with effects.
3. first of all, use for 5 minutes. after become more and more,
use for 15 minutes 2 times a day.
-you can find out better effects after use mask pack.



1. when use first time, don’t use for more 10 minutes.
2. after use it, clean it with tissue or wet towel or soap detergent.
3. never fall asleep using it.


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Gel type aqua peptide powder mask Modeling Mask Pack (1kg) Powder+Tool set

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Get expensive service
from skin care shop at home yourself
using Modeling Mask Pack!!
It makes your skin bright and transparent.
2000ml (1kg,35.3 oz) large capacity.

gel type aqua peptide powder mask(modeling pack)

its effect is to solidify as rubber becoming gel type
after alginate (viscous materials in sea mustard) responds with calcium ion (positive ion).
Through this action, it removes all kinds of wastes and dead skin cells
and helps to absorb moists and nutritional contents.
using aqua peptide powder mask(modeling pack), moist waters should appear from surface of this when using it.
otherwise, it is not real modeling pack
after using it, you can find moist waters standing on surface of this.
as compared with other modeling packs

difference of elasticity

it is made with high grade ingredients

please discover differences of water gloss and particles

there is amazing difference.


-exfoliation/pore minimizing
  (brightening effect)

-it makes your skin pure and moist by 1 time use

-be fresh and elastic skin with high nutrition.

-including good contents to strengthen the basics of water light skin.
the effect of peptide

it protects your skin and makes your skin elastic.
because its material is material of protein forming you skin.
1.peptide keeps indigenous function as it is.so it’s high function.
2.even though use in large quantities, it’s safe.
because it degrades into amino acid after absorbed to skin and shows vitalities.
3.amino acid,  peptide, protein have characteristic to be combined with water structurally.
so moisturizing effect is good.
4. it is so stable as campared with vitamin C and lethanol not being denatured and oxidized by light or heat easily.


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