seohung Blood Pressure Monitor


Manufacture : china OEM (local factory of seohungmegatech)
Vender : seohungmegatech (South korea)
Model : E-168A
Product name : seohung
Voltage : 1.5v (4 X AA batteries)/ DC 6V
measure type : oscillometric type
Test Range:  30 mmHg – 280 mmHg
Accuracy:   ±3 mmHg
Pulse Accuracy:  ±5%

Upper Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor Large LCD / Blood Pressure condition Indicator

-easy use by 1 time using button
-artificial intelligence way to check
-Fast pressure, Low noise, Low error range 
(Blood Pressure feature has a margin of error of 3mmHg,
Pulse feature has a margin of error of 5%)
-Large LCD Display
-2 Memories and display 2 average
-Show judging Blood Pressure Condition (hypertension, hypotension, normal)
-1.5v (4 X AA batteries)/ DC 6V
-Automatic power saving function

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