[pika pika]Bathroom Mirror Glass Cleaner / Steam, dirt, dust, water stains Remover

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are you sick of oil film (most stubborn dirt and hard water stains) on surface of mirror?
so you can not watch yourself well?
let’s use it!!
it removes most stubborn dirt and hard water stains without any detergent and cleanser.
it makes mirror in bathroom vivid!!


only use it with water.


why could it remove thoes well?
because spread with oxide-alumina-abradant on each side minutely.
Also, it’s not disposable.
usually, it can be used by 10-30 times. it depends on using method.


size: 90mm X 55mm X 55mm
made in south korea
material: oxide-alumina-abradant, insol 
how to use

1. firstly,Rinse the mirror with water.
2. rub lightly soaking it in water(as draw a circle).
3. gather such as oil film, dirt at edge. remove with dry towels.
4. in case that there is no water drops when Rinse the mirror with water,
it is OK.
1. don’t use it unless rinse the mirror with water.
2. don’t use it on other materials except mirror.
3. don’t use it color mirror and coating mirror.
4. in case of uneven surface, chances are scratch is caused.
5. we recommend trial use on little spot. because prevent from scratch.
6. in case of old pollutants and chemical compounds, chances are can not be removed.
It’s been an incredible hit in south korea.

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New concept Korean Exfoliating Body-Scrub shower microfiber Towel Glove 2 pair


package included : 2 X a pair of mitten type glove
highly addictive shower towel (Glove)!!
Made with 100% natural cellulose fiber!!

-Once gently rub in, dead skin cells, wastes, sebums, blackheads are removed easily.
-you can feel silky and clean skin as Bathing in hot springs just by taking a quick shower.
 Don’t worry on coarse skin once you use it.
-scrub off dirt and dead skin cell without skin damage and trouble.
-in order to scrub off dirt and dead skin cell, you don’t need to soak body in water.
just use it with soap or cleanser.
-it can be applied to face with soap or cleanser.


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LED Light Stand Desk Lamp Head joints Tilting shadowless Multi-Function overcoming space



model name : cops-3000B, cops-3000R
brightness : about 1,600 Lux – 20 Lux
color temperature(K) : 2,500 K – 7,000 K
LED lamp lifespan :  about 40,000 hours
Power : DC 12V 2A (AC 110V-240V)
power consumption : 13W / 23W (charge)
USB port : 5V 2A(MAX)
size : 490mm(H) X 400mm(D) X 180mm(W)
Workable Temperature : -10 ~ 40 ℃
weight : about 2 kg
manufacture : POWERCOP CORP (south korea)

unique joint parts are controlled as you want.
so it overcomes space.

“powercop” LED lamp is made with accumulating know-how and technical skills
by manufacture (powercop CORP) involved in developing “POWER” for 17 years.
1. easy loosening & tightness control.
2. “turning arm joint” rotated 180 degrees.
3. “outstretch arm joint” rotated 180 degrees.
4. “shoulder joint”  rotated 300 degrees.

it can be focused on where you want and need.
it can be widely used for illumination and study and drawing building plans etc.


the structure of a human body design (Free Movement)

shine bilaterally (shadowless)
– one side lamp can be ON/OFF.

left-hander & right-hander are available

automatic OFF function after 11 hours

timer function (interval in 10 minutes / maximum 11 hours)

alarm function

USB charge port

7-level adjustment of brightness

4 using mode (math, literature, makeup, sleeping)
-math mode : in case of studying such as math.
-literature mode : in case of studying such as literature or reading a book.
a stand for two is avalible.

built-in a hand mirror

including antiglare light diffusion plate

semipermanent touch switch

semipermanent LED lamp

Electrical Appliances Safety certification (south korea – KC)


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