[Sexy eye]Eyelash Curling Perming Curler PERM Kit(safe&mild ingredient)


Totally, it takes just 10 minutes!! Easy & fast & certain application only takes up to 15 minutes for the whole procedure. perm lashes lasts for about above 1 month. #1 and #2 substances consist of safe and mild and high quality ingredient (Major things are lanolin and Cetanol.)

This new high quality kit, was developed Korea.

Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of bigger youthful looking glamorous eyes with longer.

perm lashes lasts for about above 1 month.




how to use

All application only takes up to 15 minutes for the whole procedure.

Before- 1.please absolutely take your makeup off and remove all oil or cream around your eyes. 2.soak[dip] Silicone Pads in hot water in order to make it soft.


1. Apply glue to the back of Silicone Pads 2. put pads on eyelids using curl stick like applying mascara – please confirm whether the eyelashes are curled well or not. – please apply suitable amount of glue.(Never apply a lot.) – please uniformly fix eyelashes. 3. apply #1 substances for 5 minutes using “stick for perm”. – in case of those who have sparse or thin eyelashes,Wait for 5 minutes. in case of have thick eyelashes or not eyelashes permed well, Wait 6-7 minutes.

4. completely clean away #1 substances using cotton beauty(Upward from below).

-caution :  please arrange eyelashes using curl stick before applying #2 substances.

5. apply #2 substances for 5 minutes.

6. clean away #2 substances using cotton beauty.

7. Remove Silicone Pads slowly as spinning using a wet cotton swab. in case of a part of eyelashes, detach As rubbing smoothly using  a wet cotton swab. after then, remove the rest of glue and substances as washing.

-Notice: 1.Pads,stick for perm,curl stick are reusable if dry after wash these with soap. 2.please store #1 and #2 substances in fridge. 3.we do not recommend those who have short, sparse lashes.


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